Music Appreciation 101
Lesson 1:  Course Introduction and Necessary Vocabulary.
Lesson 2:  A Brief History of Music.
Lesson 3:   The Nature of Music: Listening to Music.
Lesson 4:  Emotions Associated with Music.
Lesson 5:  Music and Learning.
Lesson 6: Sound and Time.
Lesson 7:  Pitch and Rhythm.
Lesson 8:  Melody, Harmony and Key.
Lesson 9:  Timbre and Texture.
Lesson 10:   Dynamics and Tempo.
Lesson 11:  Form and Style.
Lesson 12:  History of Music Notation.
Lesson 13:  Performance Media: Voices and Instruments.
Lesson 14:  Solo and ensemble combinations.
Lesson 15:  Instruments of the Orchestra (1).
Lesson 16:  Instruments of the Orchestra (2).
Lesson 17:  Evolution of the Orchestra.
Lesson 18:  The Middle Ages.
Lesson 19:  Renaissance.
Lesson 20:  Baroque Period.
Lesson 21:  Classical Period.
Lesson 22:  Romantic Period.
Lesson 23:  20th Century.
Lesson 24:  21st Century