Logically speaking, this is one of the best logic courses available anywhere in the world. We will teach you what you need in 8 weeks, After that, logic is up to you.

Logic courses. It’s about more than you may think.
Logic 101

Lesson 1:  An Introduction to Logic.
Lesson 2:  History of Logic.
Lesson 3:  The Nature of Fallacies.
Lesson 4:  Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam..
Lesson 5:  Argumentum Ad Verecundiam..
Lesson 6:  Argumentum Ad Hominem..
Lesson 7:  Argumentum Ad Populum..
Lesson 8:  Argumentum Ad Misericordiam..
Lesson 9:  Argumentum Ad Baculum..
Lesson 10:  Summary and Review of Arguments.
Lesson 11:  Language.
Lesson 12:  Informal Fallacies.
Lesson 13:  Introduction to Categorical Propositions.
Lesson 14:  Quality, Quantity, and Distribution.
Lesson 15:  The Square of Opposition.
Lesson 16:  Further Immediate Inferences.
Lesson 17:  Successive Immediate Inferences.
Lesson 18:  Ordinary Language Inferences.
Lesson 19:  Venn Diagrams (1).
Lesson 20:  Syllogistic Terms.
Lesson 21:  Refutation by Logical Analogy.
Lesson 22:  Venn Diagrams (2).
Lesson 23:  Syllogistic Fallacies.
Lesson 24:  Testing Standard Form Syllogisms